What could Congress do with the Powerball?

My latest article with The Hill, which highlights just how little the Powerball would matter to Congress, is online and can be found here.

A brief snippet:

Congress is projected to have spent $631 billion on the military in 2015.  The Powerball winnings would fund this for about 21 hours.
To pay off just the federal deficit for 2015, Congress would have to win the Powerball 290 times.  With winning numbers being drawn only twice per week, this means that Congress would have to win every single time it was drawn for the next 5.5 years.

With their total budget for 2015 being $3.9 trillion, Congress spent the equivalent of the Powerball winnings every 3 hours and 20 minutes.  And what did we get with this grotesque amount of spending?  A mere 13 percent approval rating according to a recent Gallup poll.  How did we let our spending get to this level?