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Dr. Hebert's General Suggestions for Studying

As a general rule, for every hour that you are in class per week, you should study for at least one hour outside of class.  The rule I followed in undergrad was one hour in class meant two hours outside of class.

  • First, recognize that you can do this!
    • There's no reason why you can't get an A in any class in college no matter who you are or what you think of your abilities
      • Even in that math class that you hate!
    • Don't just shoot for a C because "C's get degrees." 
      • What happens if you fall short???
      • Shoot for an A in all of your classes!
  • 2:1 ratio
    • For every one hour that you're in class per week, you should make it your goal to study two hours outside of class per week.
    • I know, this seems like a lot, but if you do this, you'll ALWAYS be able to go out with your friends on the weekends!
      • Easy way to do this: do either be in class or be studying from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday
      • Remember in high school when you were in school from 7 am to 3 pm?  Same thing, just shifted back a couple hours so you don't have to get up too early!
      • And you're DONE at 5, so you can go out at night every single night if you want!
  • Practice the graphs
    • Especially for principles students!
    • Don't just copy them - work through them, making up examples as you go along.
    • Don't be afraid to lock yourself in a classroom and do this.
      • I'll provide you with dry erase markers if you want.
  • Read the book!
    • I know, professors always harp on this, but it's a really good resource! It has tons of pictures/graphs and uses different examples from what your professor will go over in class.
  • Download the lecture notes and read them
    • This should be self-explanatory
    • Blackboard statistics, though, tell me that a good chunk of you aren't doing this...
    • Why not???
  • Recopy your notes in Word or on a different sheet of paper
    • When you do this, you can reorganize them in a way that makes sense to you
    • Rewriting your notes has a huge impact on you remembering the information
  • Talk with other students
    • Often, you know something and they know something else. Trade with one another!
    • When you teach others, you learn better, too!
  • Make flashcards
    • A lot of economics (especially at the principles level) comes down to fully understanding the definitions and applying them consistently
  • Read the additional materials posted to Blackboard
    • Your professor isn't just posting those things to make you suffer, I promise!
    • It's there to help you!
  • Create a cheat sheet as if you were going to be allowed to use it on the exam
    • Note: in my classes, you are not actually allowed to use it
    • But think about the times you have been allowed to. You probably spent hours making that sheet and organizing it so you could find things quickly on the exam.
    • When you actually took the exam, though, I'm willing to bet you looked at it just to confirm what you were thinking, not because you actually didn't know the answer.
    • That means you studied well!
  • Come to office hours
    • We're there to help you! My office is almost always empty, though!
    • This works best if you have a question in mind that you want to ask
      • Doesn't have to be specific, even giving us just a vague topic helps us help you better.
  • Come to office hours!!!!
    • It bears repeating.
  • Finally, recognize that there's a difference between studying hard and studying well.
    • Studying hard: You put lots of effort in, several hours, and did lots of things
    • Studying well: This likely means you studied hard but that your studying paid off in getting a high grade.
      • Remember: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results
      • If studying one way hasn't worked in the past, do something different this time around!