Little Assistance for Victims of Moving Companies

My good friend, Dr. Abby Hall, recently moved from Fairfax, VA to Tampa, FL with her fiancé and encountered nothing but problems along the way.  Not one to take this lying down, Abby used the Economic Way of Thinking to find out just how a moving company could get away with failing so miserably.

In a recent 900-mile move, my fiancé and I experienced all of the above. Employees refused to give us the names of their supervisors or connect us to management after the price jumped $1,000 over our price quote and the movers arrived eight hours late. Time and again, the company declined to tell us where our belongings were or when they would arrive. Three weeks later, they appeared — with over $1,000 in damage. This all happened despite our checking the legitimacy of the company, reading reviews and calling the company to ask questions. 

The rest of the piece can be found here.