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Voting - Troy Econ Lunch

  • Troy University Bibb Graves Hall 133 (map)

Every four years, Americans go through the presidential election process.  And every four years, we confront one another on political grounds.  Friends argue, families divide, and in the end, approximately 50% the population believes that the world is "going to hell in a hand basket" because the "wrong" person got elected.

At the same time, we're constantly told about the importance of voting for democracy's sake.  After all, millions of people died or made other such sacrifices to give us the right to vote.  And yet, every year over 40% of the population decides not to vote.  Are these people wrong?  Should everyone vote?  What effect does voting have on the economy?

Join Dr. Hebert this week as we discuss one of his favorite topics - the economics of voting.

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