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Organ Markets

  • Troy University Bibb Graves Hall 133 (map)

Are markets in organs efficient? What would the positives and negatives of a market in organs be? Would a market in organs be lead to more or less people getting the organs they "need"?

Peter Jaworski, a philosopher at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, took to the streets, to interview people on their thoughts.  That video can be found here.

Arguments FOR Organ Markets

Arguments AGAINST Organ Markets

A solution that Al Roth and Lloyd Shapely came up with is called "matching." What they've done is found a way to match people who are willing to donate but aren't the right blood type for their intended recipient with other people who have the same problem. It's an absolutely brilliant solution that has saved thousands if not millions of lives without requiring the establishment of a "market" for organs. In recognition of the importance of their work, these two were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2012.


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