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Subsidizing Sports Stadiums?

  • Aquinas College 2nd floor AB Grand Rapids, MI United States (map)

Why do cities build sports stadiums for their teams?  Some people contend that having a vibrant sports community leads to increased business activity in the downtown area (e.g. look at Cleveland after Lebron James left for Miami or Detroit after the Pistons won the NBA title in 2004!) and that cities must "compete" with one another to attract sports teams.   But what effect, if any, does building a sports stadium have on the local economy?  What about the Olympics, does the host city benefit from having the games located there?

Come join Dr. Hebert and discuss these topics and more!  Also, Dr. Kevin Quinn, the new President of Aquinas College, will be joining us as well!  This is fortuitous for us not just because we get to hang out with the President but because Dr. Quinn has also published a book on sports economics, which you can find here!

Background readings

Arguments for cities paying for sports stadiums

Arguments against cities paying for sports stadiums